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Have you previously wasted resources sending your staff to a country retreat – in the middle of nowhere – with the anticipation of ‘bonding’ your team? Did they engage in ‘ice-breaking’ pursuits, play games, throw balls in the air, and generally waste their and their company’s time – and money?

These ‘bonding exercises ’ may work for some people, but we believe that a more creative approach is much better for boosting morale and achieving positive team targets among employees.

At VPO our objective is to ensure that your investment has a double pay-back effect:

● Your employees strengthen their ability to work together, to build a creative team...

● And your company receives a marketing video – designed and delivered by your employees!

What we call a win-win opportunity.

We won't waste time throwing balls, playing games or organising time-wasting exercises.


Your staff will engage in a one or two day experience of making a company marketing film. They will form a cohesive and positive film-making team based on their particular talents.

VPO will assist your team at all stages as required and we can provide fully professional technical back-up. Or your own staff may wish to take the reins - and get involved in the camera work, sound, lighting, and even assist with direction.

Similarly, VPO can provide professional actors to help with the production of the film. Or, again, members of your team may wish to act in front of the camera. Or perhaps provide a ‘voiceover’ to the action on screen.


VPO – videoproduktiononline – has been seriously engaged in film-making in both the US and the UK. We have successfully completed a wide range of features, dramas, comedies and documentaries. Awards have been won recently in New York and Los Angeles.

We have a strong pedigree in team building. Over the years, VPO has built a strong, reliable and extremely professional team of players – both behind and in front of the camera.

What next?

Your chosen employees will enjoy an amazing team-building and creative experience.

Your company will gain a special marketing video.

Your customers will engage with this ‘hands-on’ promotion .

Contact us now to discuss the many ways forward. To bond your team. To build your future.

Anything is possible.

Finding your next project manger...

Who’s your next project manager?

VPO can help you find the right person for this critical role. In our pre-planning meeting with the company’s management a short-list can be developed. During the initial stages of our team film-making exercise we can help in this decision by placing the ideal team member in the lead role.

Our mission is to create a strong and bonded team led by a capable and creative project manager.
No failures allowed.

Contact Trevor Hughes at VPO now for more information:  trevor@videoproduktiononline.se